New Members

Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of the Glenpool Club. Should you join, you will certainly find that membership will bring days, and we hope, years of enjoyment and fond memories. We like to think of ourselves as a family. The pool is a place to feel welcomed, comfortable, and at home. Though, just like at home, there are responsibilities and expectations.

Download this form and mail it in, along with the applicable application fee, to the address included on the form. You can also scan and email the form to us to Application form (updated 3/2017) (pdf)

Once you pay the application fee, you will be contacted about the status of your application. If there is no waiting list, then you can join immediately and the cost is $450 for a family membership, $300 for a couple and $250 for a single membership. There is also a lap-swim only option membership that costs $150.  A lap-swim only member is allowed to swim at the pool only during non-peak hours (10AM -12 PM and 6 PM to Closing).

If you join later in the season, then this cost is prorated, depending on when you join. After July 17th, the cost of a new Family membership is $325, Couple membership is $240, and Single membership is $215, and a Lap-Swim membership is $100. The fees drop again if you join after August 10th – please email for the specific rates.

Before your second season as a member, you will be required to pay a $200 bond (meaning that you are now part owner of the pool) and this allows you to be a full voting member. This bond is returned to you, according to our bylaws, if you decide to leave the pool as a member in good standing.

We try to keep dues as low as possible to offer a great value. To meet that goal, we depend on everyone’s involvement. When you purchase your bond to become a member, you are actually buying a share of the pool and become a partial owner of the facility. Because we all have that investment in the club, the facility, and the property, it is the responsibility of us all to participate in upkeep and maintenance.

For any other questions, please email us at