Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns the pool?
We do! We are a member-owned, member-run facility. That means that members sit on the board, and members vote on all important matters. If you love something about the pool, then let us know. If you want to change something, tell us that too! Or better yet, ask about joining the board and help us change it.

What is the cost for a membership?
Once you pay the application fee, you will be contacted about the status of your application. If there is no waiting list, then you can join immediately. Review the “New” page for membership details.

When do I have to pay to become a member?
Returning members must pay their dues by April 15th or a date specified by Board to ensure their membership continues and to avoid any late fees. New members must pay their dues in full before the first day of the season so they can have access to the pool. Memberships are issued on a first-come basis, so if you do not pay your membership by the date indicated on your invoice, then your spot can be given to someone on the waiting list.

How do I become a member?
Just submit an application form, or contact us at glenpoolclub@gmail.com and we will take care of the rest.

Can I try out the pool before I join?
Absolutely! Anyone is allowed to come to the pool for free to check it out. Just let the lifeguards know who you are and they will take care of you. And then, if you decide to join, email us at glenpoolclub@gmail.com

The summers are pretty hot around here. Is there any shade at the pool?
Yes, we are surrounded by mature trees that provide shade to different parts of the pool at different times of the day. There are plenty of umbrellas surrounding the pool to provide shade too!

Can we bring our own food and drink?
Absolutely! We actually encourage it, as long as you do not bring in glass containers. Members help us provide free freeze pops, which are always a favorite. But, if you forget to bring snacks or don’t feel like bringing any, the pool has snacks available, such as cheese sticks, yogurts, soda, and bottled water, for a small fee. There is also a gas grill available for members to use.

Can I order pizza/take out delivery? Can I grill my own food?
Yes, most of the pizza joints in Lewisburg deliver to the pool and there has been many an impromptu pizza party at the pool. And the pool has a grill for its members to use any time.

Is there a baby pool?
Yes, we have a separate, fenced-in baby pool that is perfect for the little ones but close enough to keep an eye on the bigger kids too.

Are there other things for my kids to do while we are at the pool?
Yes, there is a volleyball net, a swing set, soccer goal, ping-pong table and the pool is surrounded by a nice grassy area for kids to run and play, all within site from the pool.

I really just want to swim laps. Are there designated lap lanes or lap swim times?
We usually have at least one lap lane up at any given time, and you can swim laps at any time of the day. If you want to swim laps and want another lane, just let the lifeguards know and they will add another lane. 

Can I bring a friend?
Every membership has the opportunity to purchase guest passes at a discounted rate prior to the start of each season. Guest passes are kept at the pool and the lifeguards mark them off as you use them. It works like a punch card. If you run out of guest passes for the season you can also just pay as you go. Guests are considered those who live in town and may attend up to five times per season. Out of town guests are always free!

Are there swim lessons available at the pool?
Yes, we will email lesson details to our members and post on Facebook. If you are interested in private lessons, please contact us at glenpoolclub@gmail.com.

What if I want to host a party at the pool?
A party is considered any organized group over six in number. You can reserve the pool for parties during regular pool hours but the pool will not be closed to others. You must post your intention to hold a party on the board next to the lifeguard station at least two weeks before the event. Please include the time and date, contact information and expected number of guests. Parties greater than 10 people will require extra staffing at your expense. In town fees will still apply to your guests. You may also reserve the pool after hours for private parties. Please contact us at glenpoolclub@gmail.com for more information on private parties.

Are there showers?
Yes there are separate men’s and women’s changing rooms, toilets and showers. The pool provides shower gel and shampoo so you don’t need to remember to bring your own. (If you prefer to bring your own you can use one of the cubbies to store it in).

Can I use balls and diving toys?
Yes! Water balls, pool noodles, diving toys and all water toys are encouraged. So you don’t have to carry them home and back most members buy some pool toys at the start of the season and leave them at the pool for all members to share.

Is there disabled access?
We are not ADA compliant. The pool deck is accessible around the deep-end side of the pool for those who have trouble with or prefer not to use stairs.

Can my kids go without me?
Children under 12 years old must be accompanied by an adult (but you can send a Nanny/babysitter or other household member with them). Parents of children over 12 years old must fill in a special waiver so they can attend the pool alone. You can find the waiver on the website, under pool forms.

Who do I ask if I have a question, concern, or comment?
Contact the Board for any questions or comments. The easiest way to reach someone is by emailing glenpoolclub@gmail.com